The U.S. government talks persistently and nearly meaninglessly and definitely hypocritically about a type of representative democracy in which minority and individual rights are engrained and upheld.

The Palestinians though voted for Hamas to represent them. Hamas is or isn't evil depending upon which side one is on. To the neocons and false Zionists and self-styled Christian Zionists, Hamas is labeled a terrorist organization. To many (most) Palestinians, Hamas is the resistance against, among other things, illegal and immoral Israeli theft and occupation of Palestinian lands.

Has Hamas engaged in activities that cause terror (fear)? Yes. Is that their reason for such activities? To a certain degree, it is. They seek to keep their aspirations alive by continuing to be noticed by the rest of the world via such activities — so the rest of the world will finally come to openly express a proper consensus objecting to what Israel has done, and continues to do even as this is being written, that is utterly selfish and extremely evil-hearted.

Has Israel also engaged in activities that cause terror (fear)? Yes. Is that their reason for such activities? To a large degree, it is. They seek to keep their aspirations alive by continuing to beat down the Palestinians. They want to beat them down into silence and acquiescence. They want them to fear Israelis, so that Israelis may walk all over Palestinians who are to cower. It's Fascism.

Have other organizations once termed terrorist organizations ended up becoming political parties recognized by the U.S. government and Israel? That has happened many times. The Parties in Israel, such as the Likud, were designated terrorists. In Northern Ireland and in South Africa and elsewhere, organizations once labeled terrorist organizations have come to be recognized as legitimate political parties representing their members and voters.

So why then has Hamas been excluded from the recent talks in Annapolis in the U.S.? The answer is simply that employing the double-standard is a long used tactic. It is a ploy of attrition. The Israelis are just stretching out the land grabbing process as long as possible. They think that the farther they go, the less they will be expected to rollback. They use every trick in the book and invent more as the ploy goes on.

No one for instance expects the U.S. to rollback to before the Whites invaded the Western Hemisphere. However, what is legitimate to expect is that people will change their hearts to become good neighbors. That is something the Israelis have been deliberately refusing to do. They want to grab land first (as much as possible) before the heat against them becomes so great that they are left finally with no choice but to acquiesce to world demands for justice for the Palestinians. In other words, they'll be good later (after they've made their evil gains).

That is a policy that doesn't escape God's knowledge though. They will pay sooner or later. Everyone does whether it's in the here and now or in the hereafter. Regardless, those left behind and to come also are made to pay. The Israelis are meting out consequences for their own descendants. It isn't smart, because it's selfish.

Selfishness is dumb. Those of the Jews who are hawks are being dumb. They shouldn't be saddling their posterity with such burdens. No one should.

The American people too don't have the courage of their general public and private convictions. They are conflicted, because of WWII. They can't say simultaneously that what happened to the Jews at the hands of Germans and what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians was and is sheer evil.

We can though, and we do.

Tom Usher

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