It's foreign and military policy by making it up.

U.S. military spokespersons just keep blaming every attack in Iraq they can on Iran. There are reportedly only 11 Iranians in custody in the whole of Iraq as of the date of this writing. Those 11 haven't faced a trial where they been proven beyond a reasonable doubt of having committed any crime against U.S. occupation forces or Iraqis have they?

Also, the vast majority of foreign fighters in Iraq come from Sunni Arab countries. Why isn't the U.S. going after those countries? Well, the leaders of those countries bow down and worship the U.S. They only do this behind the scenes where they are otherwise told that the U.S. will make an example of them to the rest of the world if they go against the falling superpower.

The U.N. inspectors keep saying that Iran is cooperating and that there are no signs that Iran has a nuclear weapons program under development. Besides, Iran can opt out of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty if it wants to. The U.S. has no moral right to attack Iran even if Iran does want nuclear weapons and is building them.

Iran hasn't started a war with any other nation in how many hundreds of years? Is it two hundred? They don't act anything but defensive in our eyes. They don't act like a nation that would commit suicide to attack Israel. They act like a nation that won't bow down to the falling superpower and its regional ostensible ally, Israel.

Anyway, when the U.N. doesn't just regurgitate the Israeli hawkish line, Israel says the U.N. pronouncements are unacceptable. In other words, the U.N. is supposed to lie so the U.S. and Israel can have cover to attack Iran without any substantiation for the lying Machiavellian's claims.

How long are the American people going to be dragged into war after war based upon a pack of lies? When will God become so fed up that all protection will be withdrawn and the evil forces in the world will just devour America? How long does this country called the United States imagine it can continue with impunity? The righteous won't be able to protect the U.S. The evil the U.S. is causing is just going to add up to being too great to be allowed to continue with impunity.

Tom Usher

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