The U.S. and NATO are apparently losing at least tactically (the battle) in Afghanistan. The Taliban has regained control of much of the nation. The rest is in the hands of warlords and drug lords.

Of course, the global strategy (whole war) is the thing to watch. Too many people are watching things in pieces without stepping back to take the measure of the whole thrust of what the greediest most selfish and ruthless people on the planet are up to in some concert with each other as they work to break up all attempts of the common people to get out from under.

The plans haven't changed from those that were exposed years and even many decades ago. The map of the Middle East is to be redrawn and redrawn until Israel is sitting a top the whole thing with every other nationality serving Israeli Jews. Those others are to be locked into a system out from under they are not to be able to free themselves or be freed by any worldly power. That's the goal toward which the neocons are working.

Tom Usher

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