The CIA has been caught again trying to overthrow Hugo Chavez, the duly elected president of Venezuela. CIA Officer Michael Middleton Steere's plan, titled "Operation Pincer" (Operation Tenaza) was obtained by Venezuelan counterintelligence from the US Embassy in Caracas. It outlines the CIA's efforts to overthrow Chavez. Chavez made the document public.

The CIA is supporting the rich class against the common people. They are also backing racists who don't like Chavez being mixed as part Black African, American Indian, and White European.

The most important thing to understand about Venezuela under Chavez is de-centralized socialism. Decisions are driven down to the lowest level possible. Decisions are undertaken democratically at the most local level possible. The individual people at the most local level participate in the decisions about what money will be spent on what. The workers own the cooperatives. They decide what their cooperatives do. This is not a centrally planned economy. It is not Soviet-style socialism at all. It is radically different. It is also nearly the exact opposite of the top-down dictatorship of the major corporations in the U.S. capitalist system where the rich get richer and the ranks of the relative poor swell.

Now, don't forget the Worldwide Attack Matrix of the CIA. It's still on. The U.S. has operatives everywhere working to undermine everything that is egalitarian. Those operatives work for the plutocrats and oligarchs who own and run the developing global Empire that will have no allegiance to any current nation-state. They will have allegiance only to themselves and their families. If you are not one of the ultra-rich at the top, you are not one of them. You will only work for them.

Tom Usher

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