The so-called business boom-and-bust cycle is being caused. Just think insiders, bankers. The coming recession that could turn into a crash/depression is the handiwork of the bankers, who knew and know full well what they are doing to make profits down the road at the direct expense of everyone else.

The U.S. economy is busting due to the raping of the poor and others via shady subprime, ARM mortgage loans and other loans at interest.

The entire system set up by the usurers and private currency-monopolists is for the sake of the ultra-rich to cheat others. There is nothing good that comes out of it, ever. It needs to be abolished completely for the evil that it is.

The only way to get rid of it is by creating places where it doesn't control. The Christian Commons is such a place that needs to be brought forth. All people who are truly Christian will want that. It is completely consistent with Jesus's teachings. It is on the path to greater and greater faith.

Enter the Labor of Real Love

Help the movement of bringing forth. Give to the Christian Commons Project to further this message and to translate the money out of its evil system. Continue down this column to below the comment section to the section entitled, "The Righteous Appeal to Softening Hearts," and please help with what you are able. Consider tithing or better. You will be a part of bringing forth, as Jesus calls upon his followers to do.

Tom Usher

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