People are talking about a U.S. military coup de tat if Bush orders an attack on Iran. What a mess.

Some of the excuses the neocons keep offering up for attacking Iran include that the roadside bombs in Iraq are of Iranian origin; however, it is well known that the U.S. has discovered IED-manufacturing facilities in Iraq run by non-Iranians. The U.S. has absolutely no proof that Iran is doing the things the neocons are claiming against Iran.

Part of the reason the U.S. claims Iran is doing things goes back to the Iran-Contra Affair where Israel was the go-between for the Reagan Administration to supply Iran with weapons in exchange for some hostage releases in Shiite territories such as Lebanon and for cash from Iran so Reagan could illegally arm the anti-Sandinista Contras in the dirty war against Nicaragua's common people waged by the leftovers and dregs of the Somoza Regime. Therefore, because the U.S. and Israel have been so dirty over the decades, they figure to just point the finger at Iran so they (the U.S. and Israel) can steal more oil, deprive others of oil (China and India) from Iran and elsewhere and enhance Israelis regional power by destroying potential rivals in the Middle East — rivals here being any nations that won't cave into Israeli domination and imperial land-grabbing.

An attack on Iran will have such catastrophic negative consequences and so many people in the military and who have recently retired from the military are speaking against such an attack that many people in the alternative news on the Internet are speculating whether or not those military people will seize power to keep the neocons from driving the world to total war.

The neocons are being extremely reckless. If there is a military takeover, those neocons will be tried, convicted, and punished. The fact that so many are Jews will have a huge negative impact on Jews worldwide.

Bush is running out of generals and admirals willing to follow the neocons.

Tom Usher

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