Vladamir Putin is very popular in Russia. His positive ratings are in the mid-80's. Bush's are in the 30's. Does this mean Putin is a good guy?

Putin is popular, because the Russians compare their personal circumstances with circumstances under previous leaders. It isn't difficult to be better.

Putin has cracked down on all independent media. He also undertook false-flag operations for the sake of increasing his power and creating a pretext or excuse for his actions against Chechnya. He has authorized the assassination of his opposition. His forces have routinely beaten dissenters rather than allowing an open debate where Putin's positions can win or lose on the merits. Also, people allege that there has been massive voter intimidation. They claim they have been threatened with the loss of jobs, housing, schooling, and the like, unless they vote for Putin's party, United Russia.

Make no mistake here. The Real Liberal Christian Church is not taking the position that debate is to be promoted only until the Church becomes dominant. We also aren't saying that a people don't have the right to not have in their midst those who are for selfishness and who promote their false right to harm the whole even if by harming themselves. Let the debate be open, and those who don't afterwards want to live in accordance with the truth will live outside the house of peace (harmless within and advocating such for all everywhere).

Has Putin done everything wrong? No, he has not dong everything wrong; however, the Real Liberal Christian Church is about comparing means and ends against the vision of perfection given by Jesus Christ.

Putin has been an expert in partial-truths.

Has he been better for the Russian people than Bush has been for the American people? Of course he has if one takes the nationalistic view. However, bloodline nationalism is an evil. What Putin hasn't done (yet) is turn his nation to leading the world out of the world of the imperial bankers, such as is David Rockefeller and his selfish, greedy, arrogant, conceited ilk.

Those top bankers hate the common people. They think the common people are all just for being herded to serving those who can force those common people to do so.

Tom Usher

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