There are some new, not good, fads or trends to watch. First, there is a new trend in what is euphemistically being called body modifications. The new trend is to branding, just as people have branded cattle. People are moving from tattooing to getting branded with hot branding equipment. They are burning themselves with designs.

The Real Liberal Christian Church position is adamantly opposed to sadism and masochism and the whole trend toward greater and greater contrivance of being. It is all moving toward more and more un-realness that is false-heartedness.

This branding, as with tattooing and piercing and other so-called modifications, is just symptomatic of deep-seated spiritual illness or disease of the soul. It is all headed in exactly the wrong direction.

Another fad that may become another evil trend, is loading bikes with powerful stereo equipment. Youths from certain Caribbean backgrounds have brought this to the U.S.

All this is, is chest pounding. It is extremely selfish of people to subject others to needlessly loud noise. It is disturbing the peace, something that is not frowned upon nearly enough in the current culture of selfishness.

Tom Usher

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