So, Condi Rice says that diplomacy worked in forcing Iran to stop a nuclear-weapons program back in 2003, so the world should continue applying force to get Iran to stop all nuclear activity including for energy. Nothing has changed. This is just a way for the neocons to take away the argument and focus on the fact that the Bush administration could not prove that Iran ever had a nuclear-weapons program.

Those who are anti-attack can't now insist that the U.S. prove that Iran has an on-going nuclear-weapons program. This is a way for the neocons to remove having to supply evidence from consideration. It's a dirty, dirty trick. Anyone who falls for it is being extremely gullible.

Now Iran will push on with its peaceful nuclear-energy program, and the U.S. won't be able to get enough support to continue hammering Iran so the U.S. and/or Israel will consider attacking Iran under the pretext that the rest of the world is being too reckless in not supporting greater sanctions.

Tom Usher

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