Hugo Chavez will now break up his referendum into pieces to be passed one or a few measures at a time. This also assumes that opening more than half of the ballot boxes won't expose election fraud by the rightwing, which is by no means out of the question.

If no fraud shows, the pieces of the referendum that matter the most to the stomachs of the poorest people need to be dealt with first. Chavez doesn't need to worry about changing the constitution to allow himself to be legally reelected until after he's accomplish much more and until near the end of his term, if at all. If he's done a great job by then, the people will want him to stay on.

Who wasn't thinking that he was biting off too much? By trying to get so much power so quickly, he gave his opposition way too much ammunition. The U.S. imperialists didn't expect to win though. This will actually be the best thing that ever happened to Hugo Chavez, since it completely refutes the image of him that the imperialists had been trying to paint. He didn't do any of the usual things authoritarians do to guarantee winning elections. He's much less of an authoritarian than is George W. Bush, who along with his neocon cheats literally stole two presidential elections in the U.S.

Of course, as we've said many times before, Chavez is still a secular leader who is not above using violence. Of course, if he weren't willing, the U.S. would have already overthrown him so the ultra-rich could rape the Venezuelans that much more. Jesus though went to the cross as a total pacifist. If he hadn't we wouldn't have had him as a role model for the future that is yet to come.

Wow, was Jesus ever ahead of his time even though he fit his time perfectly.

Tom Usher

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