This U.S. Senator said, "There's a better way than Hugo Chavez and his blind adherence to the Castro model in Cuba." Is this Senator seriously that ignorant? We know he isn't. Everyone knows that Hugo Chavez is not following what Castro did in Cuba. This person, Kit Bond, has no business being a leader. The people who support him in Missouri should be ashamed of themselves.

This goes to show that the house (the United States of America) is divided. The lambs are force to live with iniquitous, misleading, lying goats identified by Jesus Christ in the Gospels.

Kit Bond is sucking up to money. He's a hired reactionary dead set against the common people. He's in the U.S. Senate in the end to do the bidding of the ultra-rich.

After the vote on the recent referendum in Venezuela how anyone can claim that Hugo Chavez doesn't honor mundanely free, fair, and open elections is the opposite of a genius.

Tom Usher

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