Prisoner Spent 4 Years at Guantanamo Despite Early Exoneration

Newly-revealed documents show the U.S. held a German prisoner at Guantanamo Bay despite privately acknowledging his innocence just months after his capture. Murat Kurnaz was kidnapped and handed over to U.S. forces in Pakistan in December 2001. Four weeks later he became one of the first prisoners to arrive at Guantanamo—where he would spend the next four years. Declassified documents show U.S. and German intelligence officials concluded he had no links to terrorism as early as September 2002. A newly-formed military tribunal finally took up his case in 2004. But the panel ignored the intelligence assessments and twice ordered his ongoing imprisonment. During this time Kurnaz says he suffered severe torture. He says he was beaten, given electric shocks, submerged in water, starved, and chained to a ceiling for days. Kurnaz says he saw several people die and often thought he would die himself. He was finally released in August 2006—nearly five years after his capture.


Why in the world haven't the American people demanded Bush and Cheney be removed from office? How can anyone be in favor of them? To knowingly hold innocent people, the way they held Murat Kurnaz, and severely to torture a knowingly innocent person is extremely reprehensible and immoral. Shame on the U.S. Shame on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and all of the people who have not openly and strongly repented ever having supported either of them or their ilk (neocons). How will they escape damnation?

How can anyone claim to be a Christian and agree to such treatment of any other human being? How dare George W. Bush claim to be a Christian. Only a follower of Satan would allow such treatment to continue when he has the power to stop it.

How would George W. Bush's followers like being mistreated that way? What kind of Golden Rule is George W. Bush reading? It isn't the same one we read.

What a dark and selfish time this is. No wonder no one has yet helped with the Christian Commons Project.

Enter the Labor of Real Love

Help the movement of bringing forth. Give to the Christian Commons Project to further this message and to translate the money out of its evil system. Continue down this column to below the comment section to the section entitled, "The Righteous Appeal to Softening Hearts," and please help with what you are able. Consider tithing or better. You will be a part of bringing forth, as Jesus calls upon his followers to do.

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