Why is that people who seem bright enough just don't seem to recognize that the people who are truly running the world are not nationalists?

Why do so many seem to think that Putin is the model of the leader we need in the U.S.? Putin is a ruthless authoritarian. He is also nationalistic. He is also an anachronism. Yes, he's popular in Russia, because Russia was on its knees before Putin. He's only popular, because the Russians have never known anything but authoritarianism or ineptitude. They've never even pretended to the lies of the American political-socialization process where the children have been taught that Americans are somehow morally exceptional. Well, that lie of American exceptionalism (morality) has certainly been exposed for the whole world to see.

Why, though, don't the people see the ultra-rich as being the power behind the frontline power figures? Why don't the people realize that the public leaders are ultimately beholden to the people who hold and control the purse strings? The wealthiest people in the world in terms of the amount of wealth they control (and that's the real wealth and not just personal net worth) are the ones who can extend and withhold the financing to wage wars and to do all the other evil things. They control the currencies. They hold monopoly power over the money printing presses. They ultimately have the funds to buy off all the politicians they need to ultimately control the world, which they do.

There are so many people in the U.S. who are being so naively parochial. They look back upon the 1950's United States with great nostalgia for all of its manufacturing prowess and high-paying, muscular, blue-collar jobs. Well, those were the days when the U.S. had oil left in Texas. Those were the days before Europe and Japan were rebuilt after WWII. Those were the days before the ultra-rich investors in the U.S. started to want to go even more global by not only opening up markets for goods, services, and raw materials but for sources of labor. After all, if the rich are going to get richer, don't they need workers all over the world earning a pay check to be able to buy things and consume so the rich can take their cut from a much bigger pie? That's what this is all about.

The ultra-rich do care about their immediate family members, but they don't give a damn about yours relative to theirs. It doesn't matter if you call yourself American or whether you're White or Anglo-Saxon much anymore. In fact, it is mattering less and less with every passing day. It does still matter to most Jews whether or not you are a Jew but only if you are the "right kind of Jew" — meaning so long as you are for Jewish supremacy. That too will change, just as Anglo-Saxons aren't sticking together anymore.

Well, the truth of the matter is that Jesus show the way to caring about people based upon whom those people care about. The spirit is what matters. This is going to be a global world and finally the people who care about all the people are the ones who will own it all together and rule it as each other's loving servants — thank God, literally.

Tom Usher

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