What other nation has a government with the omnipotent power to go into nearly any nation on earth, kidnap any of its citizens, and send them to monstrous foreign regimes for the express purpose of torture and perhaps even extrajudicial execution? Or worse yet, to simply send them to a secret overseas prison to be tortured and perhaps executed?

No one can deny that we [Americans] live in a country [United States of America] in which the president wields the omnipotent power to take the entire nation into war on his own initiative. That is, our ruler wields the power to ignore the constitutional restraint that requires him to secure a congressional declaration of war before waging war. He has the power to execute "signing statements" indicating the power to ignore any law enacted by Congress. He has the power to order his federal agencies to spy on the American people, even secretly and surreptitiously monitoring their telephone calls and email. The discomforting reality is that in his role as a military "commander in chief" in the never-ending "war on terror," the president now has the power to ignore all constitutional restraints on his power.

Moreover, in what would constitute one of the most monumental legal revolutions in American history, the president, operating in conjunction with the CIA and the U.S. military, now claims the omnipotent power to take any American into custody as an "enemy combatant," deny him due process of law and trial by jury, torture him, and detain him for the rest of his life.

As the commander in chief in the never-ending "war on terror," the president essentially wields the same omnipotent powers as such military rulers as Napoleon and Santa Anna.

"Losing and Restoring the Republic," by Jacob G. Hornberger. The Future of Freedom Foundation. [Libertarian] December 3, 2007.

After stating those facts, the Future of Freedom Foundation though says that its mission is to "advance freedom by providing an uncompromising moral and economic case for individual liberty, free markets, private property, and limited government."

However, private property and limited government are inherently antichrist. Jesus was and is for giving and sharing all. He was and is for the total government of God, which means righteousness, which means harmlessness and also beneficence, which beneficence can't come out from the attitude of private property. Jesus and his original disciples lived out of one purse. His first Apostles held all possessions in common. Those are the right path to Heaven on Earth.

What the founders of the United States had in mind was the extension of their aristocratic estates and in many cases, Empire.

When will the people see the truth and act accordingly?

Enter the Labor of Real Love

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