If the neocons had had their way, they would have attacked Iran long ago and based upon the previous NIE (2005) that they now say was in error. Who can trust these people? We don't. We don't trust them at all. They are paid to be pathological liars. They are Machiavellians — not to be trusted with power ever!

John Bolton is claiming now that the 2007 NIE on Iran may have been politicized by intelligence people who disagree with George W. Bush's policies. He says that the findings may be based upon disinformation given out by the Iranians to seem like real leaks.

However, the intelligence community is all part of the executive branch. The President can order those agencies around. Only impeachment and removal from office can stop him in that regard. The Bush administration drove intelligence with its policy in the lead-up to the attack on Baghdad. Everyone knows that. The leaked Downing Street Memos shows it clearly. Bolton is disingenuous.

The 2007 NIE on Iran was released by the administration, because it has been designed to twist the arguments. It has been designed to appear more reasonable. It is a ploy to put the Iranians more on the defensive. It is designed to change the subject. It is designed to take the spotlight off the neocons unsubstantiated allegations that Iran has a nuclear-weapons program. It is designed to get the anti-war movement that opposes Bush and the neocons to argue somewhat in favor of the NIE thereby supporting the position or lending credibility to the NIE stating that Iran did have a nuclear-weapons program and therefore had lied before and can't be trusted not to start up that program again. The neocons have miscalculated however.

The flip-flopping of the NIE's has just served to further discredit the administration.

This is all psy-ops being used against the American public and the world at-large. The neocons set up the view that the U.S. obtained secret notes that the U.S. has now divulged, which notes claim to show the Iranian military upset that Iran stopped a nuclear-weapons program. So, the neocons figured in advance for many months how to suddenly appear so credible by sharing (leaking disinformation) sources and methods. They've shared that they can obtain secret notes. Well, since they've shared this information, then share the notes. Make them public. Publish them so the world may analyze them.

Also, it is the U.K. that supposedly gave the U.S. much of the information. Remember the bad info (disinformation) that came from the Brits about Iraq being able to launch chemical or biological weapons within 45 minutes of an order to do so. It was a lie. Why trust them now?

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