The Bush-43 administration has announced that it will seek a five-year freeze on "qualifying" adjustable-rate mortgages in order to avert some of the subprime mortgage fallout. Why bailout such borrowers and not others? Why bailout any if it means penalizing those who used sound borrowing practices? Why have the whole antichrist system of lending and borrowing? Why don't all the people just cooperate to see to it that everyone has what is needed and to teach all that the best path is in doing one's best for the sake of each and all?

Why do some people have homes and others don't when many homeless people would gladly work to help the whole? Why is it all right for the government to intervene in the market when it involves so many but it isn't all right for the government to help everyone?

Bailouts and help are good, but they should be done for everyone all the time. The only way to be consistent in that regard is for the whole system to be real Christian where all possessions are shared as needed and everyone helps as able. That's the only spirit that will work. It's the only one that is fair.

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