Among active-duty military, veterans and their families, only 36 percent say it was worth going to war in Iraq. Well, it's never worth it to go to war anywhere, ever — not that kind of war. If you want to fight the right fight, be a pacifist.

Anyway, at least some truth (partial-truth) is leaking out to the general population. They are seeing all the lying that was being done and still is. They know they were duped before the Iraq War. They know more and more that they've been duped on the economy. The global plutocrats (bankers and financiers) are running things for their profit and not the good of the common people. They now see that the Bush neocons have been lying about Iran and torture. The National Intelligence Estimate on Iran for 2007 says that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons despite Bush's very recent lies to the contrary. Also, the CIA has admitted it destroyed film of CIA operatives torturing people via waterboarding, the same tactic that the U.S. condemned when Japan used it during WWII. Also, the 9/11 Truth Movement isn't finished. Once the Democrats are in charge again, that movement will demand to be heard.

It is good when people wake up somewhat, but it would be much better were they to wake up all the way. Greed, violence, and sexual harm are all evil and antichrist and must be denounced in unison. Giving and sharing, pacifism, and sexual harmlessness (disease free) are on the right path.

It is time people calling themselves Christians support real Christian causes such as the Christian Commons Project.

Enter the Labor of Real Love

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