There are many statistics available at Safe Families. We don't know how accurate they all are. Nevertheless, sexual addictions and pornography are a huge problem.

Real Christians are Not Addicted to Pornography

According to the article, "Pornography in the Pews," "In the poll of 1,000 respondents, 50 percent of Christian men and 20 percent of Christian women were found to be addicted to pornography." Now, we have to say that this isn't a true statement simply for the reason that it is impossible to be a Christian and to also be addicted to pornography. Such addiction comes before conversion to Christianity, not after. The truth is that in the poll of 1,000 respondents who claim to be Christians, 50 percent of the men and 20 percent of the women were found to be addicted to pornography.

Blame the Internet?

Is it okay to blame it on the Internet or on other sources? Temptation is temptation wherever one finds it. Putting temptation out of one's heart and mind is the challenge. It is more difficult for more people when it is ubiquitous. It is especially troubling when young, impressionable people are exposed to it, which they should not be. Only the serpent deliberately exposes children to that which sexually deviates from harmlessness and beneficence.

Libertines Whine

Plenty of libertines whine and complain when people give up their addictions and cleans the temple of their hearts and consciences. Those libertines hate it that any of society would rise above temptation and overcome the iniquitous addictions and behaviors that those libertines want to engage in without others taking a very harsh view of that behavior. Well, don't listen to those libertines. There is nothing wrong with cleaning your house. Jesus did it. In fact, it is the right thing to do.

Do You Deserve It?

If you are an alcoholic, curb yourself by understanding that you are numbing yourself while you are also abusing yourself. You think you deserve it. This is almost always more subconscious than something of which one is consciously and constantly aware. Bring it to the forefront of your awareness. Not all bad things that happen to people are what people deserve. Evil does attack the innocent. It also works to put the onus on those innocent ones. It says, "look what you made happen." "Look at what you made me do." This is not to say that people don't make evil happen or don't bring out the worst in others. They do, but not always. The important thing is to sort out what is blameworthy and what is not. Don't take other people's monkeys onto your back. When you stop abusing yourself, you aren't prematurely ending deserved punishment. You are beginning the process of repentance if moved correctly. Focus on that. If you are addicted to tobacco, stop using it. Throw away the tobacco, and don't buy or take any more. The same thing goes for all evil behaviors. Just stop. No matter how many times you fall off the proverbial wagon, get up, dust yourself off, and get back on. Sooner or later if you really want it, you'll never fall off again.

Change Your Reaction: Change Your Automatic Thinking

The most important thing here is to understand that people turn to self-abuse and abusing others when they are stressed. They don't just say to themselves, I'm stressed and I can't turn to what will only make matters worse, which are harmful and excessive behaviors. It can take much practice to make this an automatic response that replaces the previous abusive, impulsive, short-sighted, lax response. Total faith in God will bring it about; however, faith is a relative thing.

Think Unselfishly

It takes ramping up for many people more so than for others. Just don't give up. God will give you the determination (God's will) if you want it enough. The best way to approach it is unselfishly.

Just think about the harm you are doing to others and how harm in general is exactly what has caused you to fall too. It's a vicious cycle started by the unrighteous. Break the cycle and get it going the other way. Just start doing good for others in response rather than turning to harmful behaviors.

Internet Filtering Software

In addition and since young people are so vulnerable, Safe Families offers plenty of information about filtering software for Internet connections. Of course, kids these days are tech savvy and know how and where to create private sites where they can post and share what TechMission Safe Families calls smut — a good, old fashion word.

They may have coined the following terms: "Second-hand smut" and "media sobriety." Regardless, they are appropriate concepts.

People Are Mutable

Can people change? Are they mutable? Can they overcome predilections or predispositions, such as genetics? Absolutely they can. We know both first and secondhand. Whenever anyone stops doing a certain kind of sinning, that one has changed. It happens everyday. Plenty of people get into trouble, change their behavior, and then stay out of that kind of trouble thereafter. Every person is mutable. God can change anyone from his or her sinning condition. Just stick with it.

Don't Give Up: Practice

Don't give up the first time your heel slips. We make mistakes everyday. Imagine if a child would not learn to walk just because he or she falls down. Well, getting on the wagon and staying there can be viewed in much the same manner. Think about playing a musical instrument. Who can play as well as the most accomplished person on the very first attempt? It takes practice. So practice behaving correctly, that is harmlessly and beneficially. That's all. Do it for everyone's sake. Do it for God's sake.

Pedophile Priests

Now all of this falls right into line with cleaning up the mess that is all the Pedophile Priests. There are some 46 thousand priests in the U.S. and according to the John Jay Report by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, 4,392 priests in the USA, or about 4% of all priests, have been accused of sexual misconduct. The Roman Catholics are obviously not the only ones with sexual problems within. The Episcopal Church even elects practicing homosexuals to the office of Bishop. Some Protestant churches have seen cases brought against their clergy as well.

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