With the two recent gun attacks in Colorado Springs by the same person, one of which attacks was at the New Life Church begun by the infamous Ted Haggard, we find that the assailant was shot by a former police officer turned security guard working for the church as such. After being shot by the guard, the assailant ended up killing himself with a shot.

Now, here is New Life Church, started by a secretly bi-sexual amphetamine abuser, who hired a male prostitute to service him while he was also preaching morality to church members.

The New Life Church is located near the U.S. Air Force Academy for the reason that the congregation is also very mistakenly enamored with militarism. It was build on purpose within view of the Academy.

So, here we have a congregation that is surrounding itself in an aura of violence being attacked and fighting back by hired armed security guards. It's a mess.

This is not to say that the non-violent aren't attacked. We can't forget the five young Amish girls who were mercilessly murdered last year.

Nevertheless, Christians are not to be militarists or violent in any way. They are not to defend themselves with violence. They are not to seek to save their lives when they are attacked for being Christians. It is hypocrisy and confuses children. It is a terrible mixed signal to send out. Of course, the members of the New Life Church, by reason of their violence, are not real Christians.

Tom Usher

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