Bush authorized so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" (a euphemism) that includes waterboarding. A variant of waterboarding is exactly what the U.S. prosecuted the Japanese for doing. It is akin to dunking, which was one of the specific cruel and unusual forms of punishment the people had in mind when they expressly prohibited such acts in the U.S. Constitution.

Did the people expressly prohibit such acts just so their President could turn around and use them on people, any people? They absolutely did not. They expressly prohibited such acts for the very reason that they are barbarous and the people didn't want them done to anyone, anywhere, no matter the ostensible or considered reason. The people had been subjected to such imperious treatment at the hands of the monarchy of England. Now here comes George W. Bush openly defying the people on this matter and so far getting away with it thanks to complicit, reprehensible, and cowardly Democrats.

This all goes to show why Satan is still the god of this world.

Waterboarding was torture when it was done to American soldiers by the Japanese. Of course, those "enhanced interrogation techniques" include all the other torture methods that were used at Abu Ghraib. Those torture methods were used all over the world in the various CIA black sites. It all runs contrary to the treaties the U.S. government signed under the U.S. Constitution, making those treaties the law of the land: U.S. law. Therefore, Bush authorized torture, which is illegal and a high crime and a war crime. Of course, he is also a war criminal for having invaded Iraq under all the lying pretexts his team conjured up.

What does the Real Liberal Christian Church want about this? We want it to stop and never be done again. We aren't judging or condemning George W. Bush. We are only warning the people. We aren't asking for George W. Bush to be punished. However, if he doesn't turn and repent, how will he escape damnation?

Tom Usher

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