Have James Baker and George H. W. Bush, through Bill Gates and Gates' networking on the inside with Condi Rice, somewhat successfully influenced George W. Bush, especially during the Presidential election season, to back away a little from Israeli's most rabid false-Zionists? Did George W. Bush need the NIE on Iran as a cover not to attack Iran before the upcoming Presidential election? Bush-41 and his group know that an attack on Iran without convincing, clear, substantiated evidence of an Iranian intent to attack Israel with nuclear weapons would sink the Republican Party, possibly forever.

Bush-43 is allowing Condi Rice to appear to be using more evenhanded diplomacy concerning Iran and the Palestinians. This has been design to shore up the broken Republican Party — broken by the neocons (pro false-Zionists, mostly Jews themselves by a huge percentage). Rice has recently been openly critical of continued Jewish land grabbing and so-called settlement construction during her attempts at making peace with the Palestinians. She has also been calling for opening up a dialogue with Iran even while hardliners (war mongers) in Israel condemn such attempts at negotiating.

We see others in the U.S. still doing the neocons' bidding. The major newspapers ask why does Iran need peaceful civilian nuclear energy when it has so much oil and gas. Well, oil is causing global warming. It is not always easy to extract or refine. It is also going to run out. In addition, these same neocons weren't upset about Iran getting such nuclear energy when the Shah was the U.S.'s puppet dictator of Iran.

Tom Usher

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