Jack Bauer is the main character of the FOX TV show, "24." The show centers around the "ticking time bomb" scenario of someone having information that is needed to save lives but that person won't give it up. Jack Bauer then commences to torture the information out of the person to save the day.

The fact of the matter is that those who will sacrifice others and torture others are actually in league with evil. They have deficient brain matter where it matters, which is in the highest area that is the frontal and temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex where the type of emotions and thinking that sets humans apart from savage beasts takes place.

Those with the most advanced and develop frontal and temporal lobes, which have not been damaged or which damage has been overcome, are the least likely people to harm another human for the sake of anyone else, even millions or billions of others. The reasons for this is because they have a heighten realization that souls are interconnected. They have a heightened awareness that to compromise the Golden Rule is to cave into evil and to set a terrible precedent from there on in. Each life is as important as the all.

This is Jesus's teaching. That which is seen as the least by the selfish is really one with the greatest who is God. When you cave into evil and harm others, you are caving into Satan and harming your relationship with God. You are making yourself less worthy, less trustworthy.

Jack Bauer is not the savior. He's the one who needs to be saved from the Satan within his hardened heart.

Tom Usher

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