The Republicans are trying to slip in $25 billion for new nuclear energy plants. Why? Well, the powers that be can put meters on those plants and control huge swaths of the energy source for the grid. If the same amount of money were pumped into solar and wind energy, it would result in decentralized technologies where local communities could easily have energy cooperatives and where individuals could have solar panels and wind turbines, etc., to keep the costs low and to keep the ultra-rich from being able to bill everyone so they (the ultra-rich) can profit off the common people.

This is exactly why J. P. Morgan (John Pierpont) (1837-1913), the American financier who came to control the major railroads of the U.S. and who consolidated U.S. Steel Corporation, cut off funding to Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), the Serbian-American electrical engineer and physicist who was working on free electrical energy for all Americans. He discovered the principles of alternating current that displaced Thomas Edison's direct current distribution system.

Morgan was a robber baron and monopolist. When he found out that Tesla intended free energy and that Morgan would be able to make a huge killing (private profit), he just cut off funding and convinced the rest of the rich to refuse to fund Tesla.

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