People have a qualified right (contextual) to be separated as a group of their own choosing. The problem with Israel is that it was created by ungodly imperial arrogance out of the waning British Empire and created by coercion, violence, and deception. It is now Apartheid Israel.

Nations were originally genetic families. Many nation-states today include many such families. The original 12 tribes of Israel were an extended family that considered itself a nation that began with Jacob. Any people can likewise pick any ancestor. In reality, the descendants of anyone constitute a nation.

Who is left of the original 12 sons/tribes of Jacob who are claiming the birth right to the land that Abraham said God promised to Abraham's heirs (provided they adhere to God's rules)? For the most part, apparently it is the two tribes of Benjamin and Judah. It isn't a pure line of demarcation, but we won't go into detail about that here.

Are they adhering to God's rules now? We say that clearly they are not. We say God's rules have also been further explained by Jesus Christ.

Now they must live up to Jesus's New Commandment to attain the Promised Land. Now that Promised Land is understood as righteousness coming to the whole of the Earth and the whole of Heaven and material existence. Only spiritual Hell is to remain unrighteous.

Are they living accordingly? We say that clearly they are not.

The immutable law of God revealed by Jesus Christ is the only true constitution. If all would live accordingly, none would have anything to fear from any other citizen.

Where's the fruit of repentance?

Tom Usher

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