What are copyrights and patents for? Are they because other people (the non-creators and non-inventors) don't give credit to the creators and inventors and don't automatically share themselves, or are copyrights and patents simply because creators and inventors are by nature selfish, or is it both?

Right now, there is a debate going on about synthetic genetics and the patenting of artificial life forms. Certain corporations are competing to come up with various life forms first so they may grab the patent rights. One thing we know from patent research is that patents are not to be granted for processes that are obvious. More importantly though is the issue of selfishness and how it impacts upon outcomes.

Selfishness is an error laded, retarded, and retarding path. The corporations involved in this rush are accelerating toward unforeseen negative consequences as a direct result of their selfish goals. They don't have enough concern for others to avoid making mistakes. They aren't cautious enough for the sake of others. It's why genetic problems have already been popping up even though much of the process is only a couple of decades old and the going has been slow. An example is terminator seed that has cross pollinated with normal seed.

Such problems will only intensify as the rate at which new genetic variations are brought on line increases exponentially. This is why Jesus said we need to be oriented toward caring about others. If we aren't, we head toward utter failure.

Tom Usher

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