Christians do not force others to abide by Christianity. Forcing others is antichrist. The secular government is based upon militant enforcement. Jesus only used the power of words to appeal. He simply stated the truth and allowed those who heard it and loved it to sort themselves out from those who heard it and ignored it or hated it or couldn't hold on to it.

The false Christians today seek through the secular government to force others to not have abortions and to not engage in homosexuality. At the same time, many of these false Christians preach against being good stewards of the land, air, and water. They equate sacred environmentalism that is really practicing the Golden Rule with the evil of materialism, which it is not if practiced and viewed correctly. Good stewardship is not anti-Holy Spirit but the exact opposite. Also, many of these false Christians take literalism of the Genesis story too literally, as it were. They subscribe to the New Earth Creationism where the Earth is only some 6,000 years old and that geological evidence to the contrary is a trick of Satan, as if heliocentricity is also a trick and as if the Earth is really flat and as if literally, as opposed to figuratively, the Earth has four corners. They also claim that genetics over time has not led to speciation. Finally, they believe that regardless of any unrighteousness on the part of those who call themselves conservative Zionists, the current political state called Israel is guaranteed by God. ("Onward Christian Soldiers," by Craig Unger. The Huffington Post. December 18, 2007.)

Holding with environmentalism, Old Earth Creationism, and natural genetic speciation does not negate the miracles of Jesus Christ. It isn't an either-or situation. It also doesn't mean that one condones abortion or homosexuality.

Concerning that said Zionism, it is only as good as the people are good. Since the people are being very wicked, that Zionism is a false form of Zionism. It is the twisting of the concept of Zion or peace for evil ends via evil means. No real Christian will endorse it but rather call upon the wicked to repent for their sakes and the sakes of those they injure. They tend to drag down the whole of humanity.

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