Self-styled Republicans, whether socially or fiscally conservative, calling themselves Christians have been lowered under a system of intensive, coercive indoctrination, both political and religious, aimed at forming fixed, basic convictions and attitudes that are antichrist (anti-Jesus) and ungodly. They have been subjected to concentrated persuasion, such as advertising campaigns and repeated conscious and subconscious suggestions, to inculcate within them specific motivations that run diametrically opposed to the message and life example of Jesus Christ. They are not Christians.

The conditioning to which they have been subjected and have succumbed causes injury, illness, and death of both flesh and soul. That conditioning, that teaching and bad example, turns whole congregations into harmful influences societally wide, even worldwide.

Their leaders, their shepherds, have adulterated, repressed, and concealed the words and deeds of Jesus. They have polluted hearts, minds, and souls. They have perverted and weakened their followers. They demoralize. Their flocks are defiled and dishonor the name of God. They bring Christianity into a state of ill repute among the unenlightened. These things are attributes of the evil spirit that tempts, deceives, and fractures and ruins, creates scarcity, and devours.

Jesus though came to expose, reveal, and demonstrate and to reform, convert, and benefit and to heal, enhance, and extricate. Rather than bring scarcity, he came finally to bring forth abundance.

Fundamental errors of the traditions of men versus God caused this terrible situation. One case that clearly represents this concerns heliocentricity and Galileo. From the very moment that the Roman Catholic Church was used to gain worldly wealth, possession, power, and control, it became a church of the traditions of men and not God. As an official religion and then the only religion of the reconstituted militant and decidedly antichrist Roman Empire, its dogma was mistakenly taken by nearly all the rest of the world as being representative of Christianity. One of the traditions of that church was that the Earth was the center of the universe, referred to as the Ptolemaic universe. Galileo though agreed with the observation of Nicolaus Copernicus, who had written that the Sun was the center of the local planetary system, hence the name solar (Sun) system. Galileo Galilei though was forced by the Roman Catholic Inquisition to publicly recant.

It must be said here that without knowing the entirety of physical space, no one can say where the pin should be pushed in around which to then rotate the map of the whole universe. In other words, conceptually, one certainly can still conceive of the Earth at the center. This is merely a question of relative versus absolute and more so of not denying the preponderance of the orbits of the planets that are, in fact, all around the Sun (in relative terms). The Roman Catholics though at the time were certainly not making this observation. They were denying the planetary orbits about the Sun.

Once one tradition was widely defeated, the whole construct of Roman Catholic dogma was instantly, at the very least, suspect in the minds of many. Unfortunately and also in the minds of many, that church and its dogma was equated with Christianity in total. Rather than question only that church and its dogma and traditions and seeing where those traditions differ from the teachings and example of Jesus, many just dispensed with Jesus.

Understand here that by A.D. 1633 when Galileo was imprisoned, Gutenberg's printing press or movable type had already been developed (middle 1400's) and translations of The Bible into the vernacular had already occurred. The Geneva Bible was widely available and the King James Version had been published (1611). The general population was then privy to the words and deeds of Jesus.

What's the point here? Well, the point is that even though the words and deeds of Jesus are right there for all to read and ponder, the vast majority of people still ignore them and just go with the flow of the most evilly convenient shepherds, the shepherds who will steal the most for the selfish few. This is the situation in which the self-styled conservative Republicans find themselves.

They have a secular platform with planks that are diametrically opposed to the planks of Jesus's platform. Yet, they don't care to deal with the hypocrisy of that situation. They rather seek to not think about it, not question it. Even choosing secular officeholders is an antichrist activity.

The secular government known as the government of the United States of America is not the house of Jesus Christ or God. It never has been. That secular government is a coercive instrument, and Jesus was opposed to coercion. That secular government is a fallen state of affairs. It is an apostate governmental system. It was conjured up and cobbled together by those who dispensed with Jesus when they dispensed with Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Protestant dogma that was, and remains, merely human tradition and not the message of Jesus Christ.

Now we are still engaged in a great struggle concerning what have come to be called "magical thinking" and "the God of the gaps" and how those relate to Christ and science and technology.

Because of the great misunderstanding and ignorance and ignoring of Jesus's message and deeds and because of confusing his message and deeds with apostate traditions of false shepherds, the whole debate about Christianity versus the secular is argued on the wrong level. The argument is conducted along the lines of a false spectrum.

The argument is not between Fundamentalists (who have built up their house of cards on their own human traditions) and science and technology. The argument is between the spirit of God on one hand and the spirit of godlessness and the evil spirit on the other. The argument is between righteousness and selfishness.

The absolute truth is that in a perfectly unselfish world, everything is provided and health is likewise perfect. This is what the unbelievers cannot fathom. That very disbelief is what withholds that state of perfection. There is no proving this to their satisfaction, since the only place where it may be shown is where the disbelievers are not.

Unfortunately, the world has fallen further and further away from Jesus as time has gone by. The secular government is the government of darkness (unenlightenment). It is ironic that that government is a product of the so-called Enlightenment, which was nothing more than trading one error of human tradition for another.

Can God show miracles despite the disbelief? Yes. The very fact that we exist is proof enough for the righteous. However, the miracles will happen on a large enough and self-evident enough level when the evil spirit is allowed in a very clear and plain way to take the unworthy. By then, it will be too late for the then heretofore unrepentant to escape the consequences of their selfish, hardheartedness.

The secular government belongs to Caesar. It is his house. It is inherently divided, since it is coerced together.

Mike Huckabee says he is a Christian minister. The people clustered around him are paying marketing people adversely to manipulate the people. The recent hubbub about their use of a highly contrived, glowing cross image in one of Mike's political advertisements is a prime case in point. ("Whoopi and Joy Spar Over Huckabee Christmas Ad," by Justin McCarthy. NewsBusters. December 19, 2007.) That contrivance was designed to appeal further to those who do not know or who ignore that Jesus did not, does not, and would not seek secular office (any coercive office). The use of that cross came straight from the hearts of the wolves in sheep's clothing, and all real Christians will reject such deception and those who perpetrate it.

What are real Christians to do if not vote for secular officeholders? Stand with Jesus.

Show Faith

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16.

If you believe Jesus's own words, show your faith. Shine the light. Come together in holiness as one heart and one soul with all others who likewise believe. Together, we can bring forth the good works for which Jesus is calling. Freely give what you receive so all his lambs and sheep will be fed. Cleans the real temple within (the kingdom of Heaven is within us; God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit dwell within us) of all that Jesus cleansed from the Temple in Jerusalem (selfish and false gain). The resulting bounty of our synergistic work will overflow into feeding other houses. Many who would not otherwise see the light will convert to real love until the whole of the Earth is reborn conflated with Jesus's new vision of Heaven, as prophesied by Isaiah (Isaiah 65:17;66:22).

Enter the Labor of Real Love

Join the movement. Bring forth together. Give to The Christian Commons Project of the Real Liberal Christian Church to further this message and to translate unrighteous money out of its evil system. Free the children of God. Continue down this column or click the link to below the comment section to the section entitled, "The Righteous Appeal to Softening Hearts." Help with what you are able. Do it while you still have time.

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