In reading the Lakota Sioux Indian's document entitled, "Lakotah Unilateral Withdrawal from All Agreements and Treaties with the United States of America," (available at Lakota Freedom) we find that they are on solid ground, both historically and legally (provided they have obtained the real consent of the Lakota people).

The government of the United States of America should recognize Lakota immediately. It should treat the international legal rights of Lakota as it treats the rights of Canada for instance. If other American Indian nations follow suit, they too should be so recognized.

Completely friendly and helpful relations should be pursued. The people and citizens of the U.S. should do as much as may be reasonably expected in assisting Lokota in the most humane manner possible.

This is not a problem. This is an opportunity to act in a righteous manner. It is an opportunity to repent, make amends, and set a shining example throughout the world.

Open borders should be the norm here. We are confident that the Indians will return goodness for goodness. Let no one be evil in reaction to this development.

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