"Guns or butter" was the expression that used to be used concerning how to fight a war without ruining the currency. George W. Bush's advisors knew this old expression, but they decided to encourage Americans to consume rather than sacrifice as they took the country into two wars. Why did they say "guns and" rather than "guns or"?

Well, there are a number of reasons. One is that Bush didn't want the wars to be painful, since that would make them unpopular with the soft Americans. That was assuming that Americans wouldn't willingly have toughened up. In fact, many people were really surprised that Bush didn't call for sacrifices. They all remembered "guns or butter" and that "guns and butter" means a crash. Another reason is that Bush and his banking masters behind the scenes have a long-term objective of owning the whole world. They have to spread their corporations everywhere to do that. They couldn't keep them at home in the U.S. An inevitable consequence of that and one they desire is the lowering of the U.S. middle class's living standard. That will make them willing to work for less and to work harder. That will toughen them up after globalization and not before. Are you beginning to see what's been going on?

The dollar is falling. The ultra-rich American insiders aren't holding all U.S. dollars. They've left that for other nationalities in other countries to do. The U.S. debt will have to be paid. The U.S. workers will have to work it off and fight wars to compete for living standard. It's economic slavery.

Tom Usher

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