It has long been a principle of American government that the military always defer to elected civilian policy makers. It is why the President of the U.S. is referred to as the Commander in Chief, the supreme commander of all the armed forces of the nation. Remarkably, the U.S. military has historically adhered t.o this command. What happens though when it becomes widely known, as it is, that the person being referred to as President of the United States was not elected in free and fair elections but rather conspired to and did obtain the office via illegal means, namely hugely documented election fraud?

What happens when that person, who illegally and fraudulently is occupying the office of President, further conspires to, and does, commit a false-flag attack on the nation, deliberately debauches the currency, takes the nation into likewise illegal wars, and is threatening to take the nation into further wars? What is the military's obligation?

Is the U.S. military obligated to follow illegal orders issued by a person who obtained the office of Commander in Chief by illegal and unconstitutional means, or is the U.S. military obligated to arrest that person and reestablish constitutional law?

The officers of the U.S. military are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. In any instance where they know that any ostensible superior officer, including a supposed Commander in Chief (who is both military and civilian), obtained his or her office via high crimes against that Constitution, it is the sworn duty of such officers to preserve, protect, and defend that Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

We are not advocating violence or punishment. We are not part of the secular system. When asked, we simply say that our duty is to follow the Gospel concerning who is and who isn't fit to shepherd the flock and the proper procedure for dealing with those who are unfit. The Gospel is our constitution, and we are bound to follow it or be hypocrites.

The U.S. Constitution in spirit on some level reflects the attempt at the time of its origination to improve upon preceding law. It is an elaborate system of checks and balances all designed in an attempt to make more possible divergent belief systems living side-by-side without domestic violence and with a minimum of oppression. Unfortunately, that is an attempt to cobble together irreconcilable ideologies, since at one extreme is the total belief in the law that is the New Commandment while at the other extreme is the law that is falsehood and the opposite of that New Commandment. These two sets of laws are incompatible, and no amount of checks and balances, etc., can adhere to the New Commandment. Only coercion upholds the Constitution of the U.S., and it does so for the sakes of the self-authorized elite at the direct negative expense of all others.

Nevertheless, for those who hold with that U.S. Constitution, they can at least be faithful to it rather then pay lip service to its spirit while turning a blind eye to those who call it "just a God-damned piece of paper" ("Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'," by Doug Thompson. Capitol Hill Blue. December 5, 2005), as did George W. Bush, while also having taken the same oath to preserve, protect, and defend it and while also having, among other things, stolen two elections to hold fraudulently and illegally the office of President.

For a U.S. citizen or citizens to steal U.S. presidential elections, carry out false-flag operations against the U.S., take the U.S. into illegal wars, and spy domestically on U.S. citizens without proper warrants constitutes treason under the U.S. Constitution. These are far from all the actions taken by George W. Bush that are illegal under that Constitution. Let us not forget torture.

Also, George W. Bush has lost the U.S. military. They have refused to attack Iran just on his order to do so. He's run out of military officers who will slavishly agree. General David Petraeus is his last and is failing. The wound in Iraq is being covered by very expensive makeup, not healed: Paying local warlords $300 per month per militia member and locking up tens of thousands of others, most of them completely innocent ("Arrested Development." Decline and Fall. December 20, 2007). Most of those being thusly paid are Sunnis, who are not loyal to the Shiite-dominated government of Iraq. That's not unifying. That's setting up future problems when the U.S. washes its hands. Also, success isn't accomplished by neighborhood Apartheid "blast walls" walls and numerous West Bank style checkpoints ("The War Continues") (Iraq: The Continuing Story). Also, the population has been greatly reduced: Killed (1 million-plus by some reputable estimates) or turned into war refugees (some 5 million). That's not success. That's failure. Also, we don't have independent information about what is happening throughout the country ("Mirage of Improvement in Iraq: Yet Another Facelift for the Failed Occupation," by Dahr Jamail. Islam Online December 10, 2007).

Bush knows all of this and so do the neocons and false Zionists. The Bush-43 administration has therefore released the recent NIE on Iran for 2007 as cover. Barring getting Iran to undertake an attack on Kurdistan (as the Turks have been willingly sucked into doing as a result of some of Petraeus's training and arming of Kurds who did cross-border attacks against Turkey) or via some other provocation, Israel will have to take the lead in any attack on Iran. This is not lost on many in the U.S. military ("Iran War: American Military Versus Israel Firsters," by James Petras. Dandelion Salad. November 29, 2007).

How will that U.S. military react?

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