Foreclosures and other financial woes are causing Hoovervilles, now Bushvilles, to spring up. Rents are too high for most people, and they are going up not just because of general inflation but also because landlords can command higher rents when more former home owners chase fewer apartments and other rentals. They haven't built enough affordable apartments to handle all the foreclosures. Credit is being squeezed right now too, so who's in the planning stages about to get all the building permits and funding to quickly employ lots of construction workers thrown out of single-family residential construction to build multifamily housing (apartment houses)?

Where's the federal government plan for well organized camps for the disposed? Where are the bathrooms and showers and laundries and camping spots with tables and fire pits and shade and rain covers and wind blocks, etc. It wouldn't take much for the government to create such camp grounds for people while their in limbo looking for work. Where's the compassion? The government could even employ them to make and run the camps. Then the government could employ them to do other needed infrastructure work and conservation and environmental work. There are plenty of things a compassionate government could do right away to put people to work on unselfish projects.

That's not what the rich upper class wants though is it. No, they want systemic unemployment and depressed wages so labor costs will be artificially low. They want their major corporations to be able to pay as little as possible while the ultra-rich at the top take a larger and larger percentage of the pie. They hate the idea of full employment. They don't care. They don't believe people should guarantee each other what it takes to live.

This is a class struggle, and the sooner the lower and middle classes band together to help each other the better. Of course, many in the upper class need to have a crisis of conscience. They need to give their wealth to the cause of raising all ships with the tied for once.

That's what the Christian Commons Project is designed to be: A plan where the rich and middle classes can give so that the poor can get up while the living standard and quality of life of everyone and environment all go up dramatically. If the government won't do it, and it won't without being dragged back down when the ideological pendulum swings selfish again, then the Christians need to come together to do it outside that inherently divided, irreconcilable system.

Even with the obvious evil of usury showing its ugly head, there are many obfuscating clergy who are sticking with Protestant error. Usury isn't Christian. It never has been. Those who say otherwise are preaching antichrist notions to people. There is nothing in the Gospels that suggests that usury or even lending with the view of being repaid is acceptable to Jesus. The whole tenor of the Gospels runs diametrically opposed to usury and even lending versus giving and sharing all. It doesn't matter which theologians claimed otherwise (Luther, Calvin). They're flat wrong. They only served to make matters worse. What the world needs is to finally start doing what Jesus preached.

Show Faith

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16.

If you believe Jesus's own words, show your faith. Shine the light. Come together in holiness as one heart and one soul with all others who likewise believe. Together, we can bring forth the good works for which Jesus is calling. Freely give what you receive so all his lambs and sheep will be fed. Cleans the real temple within (the kingdom of Heaven is within us; God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit dwell within us) of all that Jesus cleansed from the Temple in Jerusalem (selfish and false gain). The resulting bounty of our synergistic work will overflow into feeding other houses. Many who would not otherwise see the light will convert to real love until the whole of the Earth is reborn conflated with Jesus's new vision of Heaven, as prophesied by Isaiah (Isaiah 65:17;66:22).

Enter the Labor of Real Love

Join the movement. Bring forth together. Give to The Christian Commons Project of the Real Liberal Christian Church to further this message and to translate unrighteous money out of its evil system. Free the children of God. Continue down this column or click the link to below the comment section to the section entitled, "The Righteous Appeal to Softening Hearts." Help with what you are able. Do it while you still have time.

Tom Usher

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