Richard Nixon was once too confident (and candid) about his Machiavellian tendencies. He said that what his government was doing was saying one thing but behind the scenes (as could readily be seen by the results or fruit, as Jesus termed it) doing something else. In other words, his government's practice was to lie to the public. Well, what's different about the Israel plan to "build 740 new homes in settlements in occupied East Jerusalem ... despite its commitment to freeze all settlement activity"? There is no difference. Israeli's leaders too practice utterly wicked Machiavellianism.

Here's in-depth coverage: "Israel confirms settlement plans." BBC News. December 23, 2007.

Why are these people stuck in the Old Testament way of thinking? They're still using the obsolete eye-for-an-eye law. Actually, their below that since they are putting out many more eyes than their losing. They usually plan for at least 10 eyes for every Israeli eye and whether or not those 10 were responsible. At least Moses said one eye for one eye and it had better be the eye of the one responsible. It is just spiritual death to be less righteous than people were three and four thousand years ago and still be calling one's self civilized. Really though, there's no excuse for not rising to the New Testament standard. It's only about two thousand years old.

Thanks to SHOUTWIRE for providing the link to the article on BBC News (cited above).

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