What started seven months before 9/11? The warrantless dragnet spying on Americans did! In other words, the excuse of being in a War on Terrorism was fabricated more than seven months after the illegal spying had already begun.

Ray McGovern writes:

Authorizing illegal electronic surveillance was a key provision of the second article of impeachment against President Richard Nixon. On July 27, 1974, this and two other articles of impeachment were approved by bipartisan votes in the House Judiciary Committee.

Think about those two things. The spying started 7 months before 9/11 and Richard Nixon was about to be impeached for among other things, illegal electronic surveillance.

Here's the full article: "Creeping Fascism: History's Lessons," by Ray McGovern. AfterDowningStreet. December 27, 2007.

The neocons can't whitewash this. There's no plausible deniability here. They are completely exposed as Big Brother. They're trying to become omnipresent (Total Information Awareness). There's only one reason for human beings (all sinners) to want that over all their fellow humans and that's for selfish control. It isn't for benign or beneficial reasons. It leaves absolutely no room for conscience. It leaves only fear and intimidation under despotism or torture, imprisonment, and death of the flesh.

Why haven't the Democrats begun impeachment hearings in the House? They claim they don't have the votes to impeach. That's not the real reason. If they held impeachment hearings and all the information were to become public about Bush and Cheney's terrible shepherding and stewardship, the votes would be there. The only reason the Democrats aren't holding hearings is because the neocons have dirt on the Democrats.

There have been backroom deals cut. There have been quid pro quos. There have been tempting offers made, and people have fallen. What else could it be? It certainly can't be because hearings would distract from other more important planks of the Party's Platform.

The neocons were sure to suck the Democrats in early. The Democrats have been in on torture and spying toleration, and the neocons have it documented. What else could it be? Those are the potential sticks, but the neocons would also offer carrots. What would those be? Where's the money? Watch who enters into private riches.

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