The U.S. Senate legally blocked George W. Bush from making a recess appointment of Steven Bradbury, acting Chief of the Justice Department's Office of Legislative Counsel to that position in its full capacity. Bradbury signed two secret memos authorizing the CIA to torture people.

Here's in-depth coverage: "Senate's 9-Second Bid To Nix Bush Nominee." Quick Session Called To Block Appointee; FOIA Bill Could Become Law Dec. 31 If Bush Doesn't Sign It. CBS NEWS. December 26, 2007.

It's better than nothing that the Senate Democrats have done this, but why aren't they calling on the House to hold impeachment hearings?

Well, we know that Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, was taken on a torture tour and didn't voice any complaint about it. Who knows what else the Republicans have on her and other Democrats.

Thanks to Digby's Hullabaloo for the link to the article on CBS NEWS (cited above).

We shouldn't forget that during the first Bush administration, there were houses in Washington, D.C. that were set up for the purpose of entertaining high officials in compromising situations. People disappeared, planes disappeared, briefcases full of photos disappeared, and people went to solitary confinement for life for trying to expose the Franklin Pedophilia case. The FBI and CIA worked overtime to cover that up and also the case of The Finders. They did such a good job that most people won't even know what those are, especially not The Finders.

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