Recently declassified documents reveal that in 1950, Hoover, the former FBI Director, wanted authorization to lock up some 12,000 people Hoover wanted the government to consider basically treasonous. The plan hearkens back to the Palmer Raids he directed in 1919-1921 against radical leftists (like Jesus) in the United States. People were labeled as violent anarchists. Most of them were immigrants. The truth is that there were militants who did commit violence; however, many innocents were rounded up as well. The militancy of some was used as an excuse to purge the country of egalitarianism, to throw the fear into those who would stand up for even real Christian principles.

In 1950, Hoover planned to suspend the right of the Writ of Habeas Corpus. He wanted his plan to extend to territory "legally" occupied by U.S. troops.

He wanted hearings to "not be bound by the rules of evidence."

Here's in-depth coverage: "FBI's Hoover Planned Mass U.S. Jailings: Report." The New York Times. December 22, 2007.

The same mindset of Hoover back in 1950 is permeating the neocons today only worse. At least Hoover wanted to limit things to "legally" occupied territories. The neocons today don't care that the Iraq War and U.S. occupation are illegal under the mundane international law to which the U.S. is signatory and bound under its own Constitution.

The most important thing to observe is what didn't happen. There was Hoover wanting to go after 12,000 he fingered as dangerous. However, he didn't get his way and the 12,000 didn't go about committing terrorists acts.

It must be stated that in light of the recent revelations about false-flag planning and operations carried out by the official U.S. government against itself and others, there is no telling, without serious historical investigation, the degree to which violence before the Palmer Raids was done via false-flag operations. We all know that Hoover had his agents infiltrate, and instigate violence within, groups he hated, including for racist reasons. His agents worked to divide groups and to turn them against each other. In fact, he incited violence against the citizenry of the United States, in whom the government rests. Therefore, it was Hoover who was treasonous. He worked to overthrow peaceful representative democracy by preventing people from duly organizing politically. In other words, he was a repressive jackboot on the necks of the poor whose faces he ground in the dirt.

Thanks to truthout for providing a full copy of the article on The New York Times (cited above).

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