Auto-emissions standards cut across-the-board. All automobile manufacturers who wish to sell their cars and trucks within a protected and standardized region have to meet the same standards. Since the existing auto industry already has the facilities and capital for producing automobiles, why would they then be against higher standards? Costs will be borne by everyone if they do or if they don't. Each manufacture will be left to accomplish meeting the standard. How inexpensively they do it is a matter of ingenuity.

Are the corporations who are against higher standards afraid that their particular company won't be able to do it cost-effectively? That's part of their capitalist/competition model isn't it? If a given company or corporation can't manage, then it loses market to those who can. That's a law of capitalist economics isn't it? Why the double standard?

They push and push for deregulation based upon the guarantee of more competition, consumer choice, and innovation. Well, why can't they bring that same innovative drive to bear in the competition to bring forth the most fuel-efficient, pollution-free vehicles? They can still offer the people plenty of choices in styles and colors and features, etc., but just so long as they meet the higher emission standards.

Here's some in-depth coverage: "EPA staff say Cheney had role in quashing California emissions standards." RAW STORY. Friday December 21, 2007.

Oh, all of the above is just the same old way of arguing things. The real answer is to have a change of heart. The real issue is why they don't care more about the health and safety of everyone. Why aren't they interested in being Golden Rule corporations and companies? Why don't they just produce the most fuel-efficient and pollution-free vehicles regardless of any coercive standards? Why don't they exceed the expectations of everyone and just amaze the world with unselfish effort. Do they think the people wouldn't want fuel-efficient, pollution-free, safe, well-made vehicles? Of course they would. Side-by-side, the vast major of people would take such vehicles over current versions.

Thanks to The Alternative Consumer for providing the link to the article on RAW STORY (linked to above).

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