God is watching New Orleans. Yes, New Orleans was a city with a bad reputation. Yes, there are people who really did want to be on the dole and still do and to not pitch in or work if they can get away with it. However, that doesn't mean that everyone in New Orleans who was poor or living on assistance or in public housing was the cause of the bad reputation or didn't want to work. Those are just bad excuses used primarily by racists, since New Orleans had a high-percentage Black population.

Hurricane Katrina was something the rich White racists were glad happened. They've taken every advantage of it they can to takeover the land for gentrification projects and to keep the poor from returning and having affordable housing and public services. The rich Whites have used the shock of New Orleans as an opportunity to privatize as much as possible, thereby pricing the poor out of the area. It's sheer selfish, greedy evil. They have taken to using police brutality against the poor and those with them speaking up on their behalf.

Here's in-depth coverage: "Tasers, Pepper Spray, and Arrests in the Struggle for Affordable Housing in New Orleans," by Bill Quigley. Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch. December 28, 2007.

The treatment described in that article is only one step above the transfer policy of the Israelis against the Palestinians. It's nearing the level of the South African Apartheid regime.

What's the matter with those people on that New Orleans City Council? The answer is that they're sick. They're sick in their souls. Their hearts are waxed cold. They are doing the exact wrong thing. They should be building affordable housing and addressing all the issues that gave New Orleans its bad reputation at the same time. They should be focused upon how to employ the poor with the best, safest, cleanest, well-paid, truly productive, green work possible. They should be concerned with educating the children and caring for the sick and old. They should be working toward reducing crime by giving people better choices than criminal proceeds. They should be lifting the people by showing the way to the light. Rather, they are bringing greater darkness than existed before Katrina.

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