The news is full of the CIA torture tapes that were destroyed.

Here's in-depth coverage: "Tapes by C.I.A. Lived and Died to Save Image," by Scott Shane and Mark Mazzetti. The New York Times. December 30, 2007.

The tapes were of waterboarding. Waterboarding is illegal. The government admits that the tapes existed. It admits that it used waterboarding. The government admitted using waterboarding to a number of high ranking Republicans and Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, who didn't voice an objection apparently. The government cannot now say that it didn't authorize waterboarding or engage in it or seek to cover the identity of those who performed it.

People are decrying the current state of affairs. "Oligarchical decay," by Glenn Greenwald. Salon.com. December 30, 2007.

Glenn decries state secrets and executive privilege used to cover up illegalities. It has ever been so. It's just coming out more and more for a reason. There's meaning behind the exposure. It's separating. It's separating the wicked from the righteous. Everyone's being marked or sealed according to his or her heart.

What's in question over these tapes? What's the point in not pursuing the matter? Where's the process? Where's the rebuking? Where's the removal of the lawbreakers? Why are they being left in place? Why are they still in charge of anything?

Many people rightly believe that the reason they are still there is money. "Justice in America is Over-rated, Unless One is Wealthy," by Mona. Unqualified Offerings. December 30, 2007.

Of course, that's absolutely correct. We live in a plutocracy and we shouldn't. Rule by the rich is rule by the greedy and covetous. Covetousness is why the United States is in the Iraq War. It's the covetousness of the rich. They are to blame: Their spirit of selfishness.

We aren't advocating punishment. We are asking why the United States government is such that it can't remove bad, unrepentant shepherds.

The CIA torture tapes are just a tiny bit of the tip of the iceberg. Everything that happened since even long before this current administration was given power needs to be traced and exposed for everyone's sake. 9/11 needs a thorough airing and everything leading up to it and everything that has unfolded since. All the missing trillions of dollars need to be traced. All the classified information needs to be gone through. The whole world needs deep soul searching. We are all sinners to one degree or another. The sooner we all come to grips with it and resolve together to stop, the sooner we'll all begin living and walking the path to Heaven.

Those in charge, so to speak, of the government of the United States are pushing to obtain Total Information Awareness. What they don't seem to understand is that it already exists, and the spirit has it and always has.

Tom Usher

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