Perhaps you'd assume that an economic development grant totaling about $800,000 from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development for a gas station must be for a depressed area or the gas station is to be minority-owned or there is some explanation for why the vaunted capitalistic system just didn't fill a need where there was market demand.

The article doesn't indicate anything special about the situation. It just looks as if a rich corporation has been subsidized to build what will probably be a very profitable gas station.

Here's the more in-depth coverage: "Hobson helps make gas station a reality," by Aaron Keith Harris. Greene County Dailies. December 28, 2007.

Why are people living in tents in New Orleans so long after Hurricane Katrina but rich gas-station corporations are benefiting from housing and urban development grants?

Thanks to Club for Growth for the link to the article on Greene County Dailies (cited above).

This is not an endorsement of the Club for Growth. Their written positions include the following:

  • Making the Bush tax cuts permanent
  • Death tax repeal
  • Cutting and limiting government spending
  • Social Security reform with personal retirement accounts
  • Expanding free trade
  • Legal reform to end abusive lawsuits
  • Replacing the current tax code
  • School choice
  • Regulatory reform and deregulation

We aren't for taxes, period. However, if there are going to be any taxes, they sure shouldn't be where the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, which is exactly the result of the Bush-43 tax cuts.

We don't hold with the reverse euphemism called the "death tax." Inheritance is a gift of something that rightfully belongs to all the children of God. The wealthy, via their accumulation, have robbed God's other children. It's why the rich won't get into Heaven until after the camel is done going through the eye of the needle. There's no guarantee after that either.

Cutting and limiting government spending and Social Security reform with personal retirement accounts are really tax issues.

Expanding free trade is meaningless unless the term "free" is first adequately defined. Are people to be free voluntarily to collectivize if they so choose. Also, trade as the Club for Growth is using the term is nowhere near as good as giving and sharing. Such trade is for selfish profit that is a drain on everything and results in scarcity. Giving and sharing when unhampered by the selfish, rather brings forth bounty.

Legal reform to end abusive lawsuits is a ploy for rich corporations and others not having to be accountable for negligence and worse. If people were of the spirit of atonement, who'd resort to lawsuits? Litigation is evil, period. Are the corporations that want tort limitations prepared to stop suing each other?

School choice is just the plea of the rich not to have to subsidize the education of the children of the poor, even though those rich are hoarding the inheritance of those same poor.

Regulatory reform and deregulation is just a call for unbridling the hyper greedy. If everyone were regulated by the Golden Rule and the New Commandment, no one would be asking for more regulations and no one would be asking for fewer.

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