War is Hell, and George W. Bush has led many into that Hell. One of the consequences is refugee status and poverty. Another is lots of orphans. Many of the young are feeling no option but to obtain money by means of selling their bodies for sex. It's a shameful and degrading state of affairs forced upon them by circumstances beyond their control but that were and are in the control of George W. Bush and his neocon advisors and backers.

Read this article for some of the details of the nightmare, the living Hell, caused by the neocons: "FEATURE-Iraqi refugees turn to sex trade in Syria." AlertNet. December 31, 2007.

Just imagine girls having to make such a choice to watch their family try to get by on nothing or turn to prostitution. The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) has termed this phenomenon "survival sex." There are other options, of course.

Those include being militant against the system that has brought them to the situation in which they find themselves or caving into that system to work within it, which would really be to work against their own rights not to be lorded over by militant imperialists greedy for other people's resources (if one subscribes to international boundaries). The other option is to change completely out of that system in cooperation with others. By that, I mean changing to real Christianity. Of course, most of the refugees don't know what that is and they are in countries where such conversion is illegal.

George W. Bush and his neocons band sure put millions into terrible straits.

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