The Libertarians are finding themselves having to defend laissez faire capitalism, which is "unregulated " capitalism, in light of the on-going mortgage and dollar crises caused by deregulation and also the sleight of hand of those behind the Federal Reserve that is neither Federal nor a reserve. It is a private monopoly on the U.S. currency not accountable to anyone. The Federal government has never audited the Federal Reserve. It's high time it did. It's actually high time it were abolished.

Here's the Libertarian attitude about regulations. "The way they justify it is that you've got to protect the stupid people who can't read a contract, but they're treating everyone as stupid." That's according to David R. Henderson, a libertarian economist at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. What he's saying is that there should be nothing but private contracts controlling everything, literally (the roads, water, the oceans, outer space, the universe, etc.). He's saying that it is nobody's business to interfere in contracts. It is nobody's business to look out for people who can be swindled by their betters in his view, the more intelligent people, as if it's intelligent to cheat people rather than being dumber than a doornail. He's saying that he is insulted that some bureaucrats will intervene in a way that might infringe upon his ability to enter into a contract without being supervised. He doesn't need the protection, so why give it to the less educated or less literate or less savvy about legalese. Little does he know the fine print of the contract he's entered into with the Devil. Oh, how he'll eat his words if he doesn't repent.

Here's a good overview and the source of the quote: "The Free Market: A False Idol After All?" by Peter S. Goodman. The New York Times. December 30, 2007.

This attitude of the Libertarians is so disgustingly selfish. It is so closed minded concerning the real law of economics that Jesus Christ demonstrated with the feeding of the five thousand. The real law is that if people cooperate unselfishly out of the goodness of their hearts and in the spirit of compassion and mercy, there will be bountiful results. The Holy Spirit will be likewise disposed and will cause manifest plenty.

Thanks to for reproducing the entire article and for providing a link to the article in The New York Times (cited above).

The Real Liberal Christian Church doesn't want a Libertarian Capitalist economy, but it doesn't want a mixed economy either. It also doesn't want a socialist-statist economy of centralized planning and coerced Communism. The Church wants the voluntary, bottom-up and top-down, giving and sharing economy of real Christianity as practiced by the first Christians who lived with Jesus Christ in that system. Read our Christian Commons Project™ post to find out more.

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