For U.S. citizens, however, the combination of NGA imagery and NSA signals intelligence in a domestic situation could threaten important constitutional safeguards against unwarranted searches and seizures. Kate Martin, the director of the Center for National Security Studies, a nonprofit advocacy organization, has likened the NAO plan to "Big Brother in the Sky." The Bush administration, she told the Washington Post, is "laying the bricks one at a time for a police state."

Some Congress members, too, are concerned. "The enormity of the NAO's capabilities and the intended use of the imagery received through these satellites for domestic homeland security purposes, and the unintended consequences that may arise, have heightened concerns among the general public, including reputable civil rights and civil liberties organizations," Bennie G. Thompson, a Democratic member of Congress from Mississippi and the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, wrote in a September letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. Thompson and other lawmakers reacted with anger after reports of the NAO and the domestic spying plan were first revealed by the Wall Street Journal in August. "There was no briefing, no hearing, and no phone call from anyone on your staff to any member of this committee of why, how, or when satellite imagery would be shared with police and sheriffs' officers nationwide," Thompson complained to Chertoff.

Here's the full article, well worth reading: "Domestic Spying, Inc.," by Tim Shorrock. CorpWatch. November 27, 2007.

Tim Shorrock has done a masterful job in covering this highly technical area. Everyone needs to be made aware of the hugely invasive and potentially abusive science and technology plans of the giant weapons, security, and surveillance corporations. It is in their selfish interest that violence is fomented. Every false-flag operation just revs up the fear-mongers and lessens the inhibitions of the general population to having no privacy left at all. Be aware that the ultimate goal of these people is not only mind reading but mind controlling and not for righteousness' sake. It can never be for righteousness' sake with them, because righteousness when it is real is always voluntarily chosen. Coercion and righteousness are opposites.

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