America lost its chance at enduring supremacy in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, which coincided with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Then-U.S. president George H.W. Bush spoke at the time of creating a "New World Order" of universal peace and mutual prosperity.

Had it only chosen then to redeploy its massive defence and foreign aid budgets to humanitarian causes, rather than propping up its military allies, America could have secured its new found global supremacy by simply setting a good example.

Many of us were dumbfounded by the complacency of the George H. W. Bush administration at the fall of the Berlin Wall. We were thinking that together, if the U.S. and Russia would drop their war machines and turn all their talent and resources to peaceful causes, there would be nothing beyond reach. However, rather than rush to Russia's economic aid with truly good intentions, the U.S. did nothing. Well, that's what selfishness is all about.

That quote above is from the article entitled, "From hyperpower to new world disorder," by David Olive. Toronto Star. December 29, 2007.

Now we know better. The whole system is built upon selfishness as its main premise. It can never work. It will never rise to the occasion. It will never feed and clothe and house and care for everyone. It will never take care of the natural God-given systems of the planet and universe. That system of selfishness must go. It is what is wrong. Selfishness is wrong. Selfish interest is ruining and retarding every potential for improving things not only generally but specifically for each and every individual on the face of the Earth and wherever human beings travel in the cosmos for eternity.

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