Few are not aware that all things being equal, natural foods are healthier than artificial and processed foods and that the subcategory of natural foods that are organically grown are healthier still. Most people know that generally a vegetarian diet is healthier than eating very much in the way of animal products, if any. In droves, consumers switched from artificial ingredients. People switch or never start for other reasons as well, most notably ethical and altruistic. Many people care about the welfare of others, which translates and extends to care for the entirety of the environment in which their fellow beings exist. However, healthier foods, more responsible foods, are priced higher due to the prevailing economic system with its first principle of self, first and foremost, even where it encourages others to self-sacrifice (the most salient example of which calls for soldiers to die under the guise of fighting for country rather than truth of it that is dying, murdering, and destroying, etc., for the sakes of plutocrats and not, contrary to the teachings of those plutocrats, for the general welfare of the nation or humanity).

Many times, products with fewer ingredients are priced higher. Salt-free items are a case in point. The producers and retailers charge more for products where salt has simply been left out, even though production lines are fully automated and it costs less to make the salt-free products. Salt is not always cheaper than the ingredients it displaces by volume or weight. Salt costs the producer in material, labor, equipment, and in non-line expenses. Certainly, the profit-margin is higher (the markup is greater) for many salt-free products simply because many people are restricted to a low-sodium diet due to hypertension (arterial disease with high blood pressure). That's taking unfair (selfish) advantage of the sick. It is the exact opposite of the Golden Rule, not to say that taking unfair advantage of anyone is following that rule.

Regardless of this trend by consumers to health consciousness that extends to ethics and altruism, regardless of the flood of information about the benefits of natural, organic foods and their environmental benefits that go to the very heart of the Golden Rule that is all the law, regardless of the additional flood of information that shows without doubt the negative consequences always of selfishness that is at the root of the very system driving production of non-natural, non-organic, and animal foods, we are being told also in a flood that not only have genetically modified foods been sneaked into the foods all over grocery-store shelves (no disclosure on labels or elsewhere), but that cloned-animal products are on the way and so are nanotechnology foods.

Read this linked article for more information about these nanotech foods: "Alert over the march of the 'grey goo' in nanotechnology Frankenfoods," by Sean Poulter. Daily Mail. January 2, 2008.

What is wrong with people? Why are they so insanely greedy that they will do anything to rush cheap junk and poison into the market (the food chain) to make a fast buck even if it may mean cancer and other diseases for their own children and themselves? Well, the question answers itself. It's called greed, stupidity, and selfishness. They're all rolled into one. Since these people don't expect to live forever, their false laws of economics do not move them to take care but rather get theirs while they can. Their time is short; so, they grab for themselves, and posterity and their own futures be damned, literally.

This reveals the heart and soul of antichrist. Jesus taught the exact opposite of such short-sighted carelessness. He taught that the exact opposite root-emotion is perfectly correct. He was and remains absolutely right.

The basis of the prevailing economic system is antichrist. It is exactly wrong. All the economists putting forth the laissez faire doctrine know that their time is short. They preach that self-interest will self-regulate for the best; however, they do not correctly define self. Jesus defined self as God as all of one's self with the others of that same spirit. The Libertarians (a misnomer) define self as the individual apart from the self of whom Jesus speaks.

Christians know not to put any stock in the world run by maniacs. The false Libertarian Capitalists are being wildly irresponsible and far from being of the necessary spirit that leads to what is best. We know that God is above all of what is going on here and now and can reverse anything and everything selfish devils do, but that does not excuse the pain, suffering, confusion, and frustration they bring to so many.

That is what unbridled capitalism wroughts: Cancer and other diseases from dangerous foods and chemicals rushed to market without understanding or concern. There is no guidance by conscience. There is no unselfish motive first and foremost. Care is out the window. Caution over the potential harm that can and does result is tossed aside for the almighty Dollar or rather now the Euro or a basket of currencies with plenty of gold mixed in as a hedge against something going wrong, as if the selfish will trade their last remaining bit of food for all the gold in the world.

Something is already wrong. It's called evil. It's called greed. The planet is being poisoned by artificial ingredients, and these people want to throw caution to the wind on things they are conjuring up at an exponential rate and the consequences of which they haven't a clue and don't really give a dam.

Despite the clear and plain terrible track record and judgment of these people who have usurped the rule of the real law that is the Golden Rule and Jesus's New Commandment, the people are still following the evil-hearted. They are still shaking their heads in agreement concerning the dumbest economic system ever conceived under which they are willingly being led to the slaughter without notice that their loved ones are in with them being led by the morally blind.

Thanks to Common Dreams for supplying the full article and link to the Daily Mail cited above.

What are souls to do? Well, Jesus didn't coerce anyone. The only thing he did was warn. The only thing he did was harmlessly cleans the Temple as a warning of what was to come if the people did not change their ways and see the light.

What we all are being asked to do that only some are given to hear and understand and follow is to cleans our temple that is our heart within us of all the same spirits Jesus chased out of the Temple building as a sign, as a lesson. We are to live as self being that self that is a part of the whole of God. We are to live in the way most beneficial to that whole self otherwise have our very souls chased out.

This is why we have the Christian Commons Project.

Show Faith

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16.

If you believe Jesus's own words, show your faith. Shine the light. Come together in holiness as one heart and one soul with all others who likewise believe. Together, we can bring forth the good works for which Jesus is still calling. Freely give what you receive so all his lambs and sheep will be fed. Cleans the real temple within (the kingdom of Heaven is within us; God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit dwell within us) of all that Jesus cleansed from the Temple in Jerusalem (selfish and false gain). The resulting bounty of our synergistic work will overflow into feeding other houses. Many who would not otherwise see the light will convert to real love until the whole of the Earth is reborn, conflated with Jesus's new vision of Heaven, as prophesied by Isaiah (Isaiah 65:17; 66:22).

Enter the Labor of Real Love

Join the movement. Bring forth together. Give to the Christian Commons Project™ to further this message, translate what Jesus called unrighteous money out of its evil system, and feed his lambs and sheep of many houses and in a manner that is environmentally and socially responsible regardless of artificial political or economic boundaries, which manner is perfectly consistent with the law that is the Golden Rule. Continue...

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