Condemned prisoners to face death by injection instead of a quick bullet to the head," by Jane McCartney. TIMESONLINE. January 1, 2008.

The number of people executed in China remains a highly guarded state secret. Amnesty International estimates that the country put to death at least 1,010 people in 2006 out of a worldwide total of 1,591. That figure is based on executions that were reported publicly and is thought to exclude many other cases that went unmentioned by local media.

China says it is shifting from shooting people in the back of the head to using a system of lethal injection.

Lethal force

— 69 countries practise execution by shooting

— 30 executions by shooting were recorded last year: 15 in Afghanistan, 8 in Yemen, 3 in Somalia and 1 each in Belarus, Ethiopia, Indonesia and North Korea. China does not publish figures, but is thought to have executed about four times as many people as the rest of the world combined

— 68 crimes are punishable by death in China. They include murder, publishing pornography and killing a panda

Read the full story, "Prisoners to face mobile 'death vans' instead of a bullet to the head" on Aftermath News were I first ran into the story.

This is the company that the United States is keeping with its own capital punishment where many people have been wrongfully put to death over the centuries. Just look at how many people have been removed from death row in the U.S. due to DNA testing proving their innocence. Then think about all those who went before to their deaths before DNA testing. Now think about all those on death row where DNA testing is not being provided or where there is no DNA in evidence to test. Of course, capital punishment is inherently evil regardless.

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