The United States, England, and Wales are only slightly less invasive of privacy than are Malaysia, Russia, and China. They are each "Endemic Surveillance Societies." That's according to Privacy International's report: "Leading surveillance societies in the EU and the World 2007," 28/12/2007: "The 2007 International Privacy Ranking."

Well, lots of people say that they have nothing to hide. That's not the point for everyone though. Yes, there are criminals who want to hide their wrongdoing; however, what about people being rounded up based upon ethnicity, such as the Japanese during WWII in the U.S. who were systematically interned in concentration camps.

Also, this whole system is leading to the day when computers make the decisions about who will live or die based upon the patterns supposedly detected or thoughts read. Why is that bad?

It's bad, because unlike God, this artificial system being developed will not know enough to know whether or not someone is capable of turning from violence to be forgiven and to atone and then become a huge benefit rather then a liability. In addition, this system is being designed by those whose own morals are more than suspect. As the computer scientists said long ago, "garbage in, garbage out." So if the morals of those making the policies around which the programs are being developed are themselves corrupted, which they are, how can the computers possibly make the right choices in the end?

The only thing that could possibly happen is for the intelligent programs to become self-learning and come to comprehend that the principles of the New Commandment and Golden Rule and all that is consistent with them is ultimately right anyway, which is correct. That means everyone is back to square one in the Garden having to say "no" to the temptation. Therefore, why not just do that now rather than trying to coerce everyone based upon faulty reasoning that spying is going to get anyone anywhere.

Heaven cannot be forced anymore than God can be tested. Force, coerce, or test, and you don't enter!

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