George McGovern wrote an op-ed, "Why I Believe Bush Must Go," for the Washington Post, yesterday, January 6, 2008, that needs addressing. He laid out much of the basic big-picture charges against Bush and Cheney. He's right that they should be removed as the shepherds (leaders) of the nation-state. No people should be following them. They should be leading no one. However, former Senator McGovern's statements too must be set straight.

He made the statement that the "Bush-Cheney team repeatedly deceived Congress, the press and the public into believing that Saddam Hussein had nuclear arms...." The neocons will pounce on him for that if they see it. Bush and Cheney were saying that he had a program for developing them and he was seeking and acquiring equipment (aluminum tubes) and material (yellowcake). The tubes weren't for nuclear use and the yellowcake information was a forgery. This is not an operative overstatement by Mr. McGovern. His case does not rise or fall on this one point.

Point: Impeachment is not necessarily doomed to fail. During the process of bringing out the truth, support of removal will grow.

Point: 9/11 must be reinvestigated without the investigators having their hands tied. They must be unleashed in a way that executive privilege and the excuses of national security and classified information are put aside during the investigation.

Point: The genuineness of the danger leading up to WWII is a slanted view. Germany should not have been handled the way it was after WWI. Frankly, all the problems of the world are simply the same evil cascading from the beginning. It will continue to doom until humanity as a whole breaks the cycle by seeing it and hating it for what it is, the outward manifestation, the symptoms of, selfishness and competition when we should be unselfishly cooperating.

Point: Also, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger were cut from the same cloth as George W. Bush. Just look at how they dragged out the Vietnam War. Look at the secret bombing of Cambodia. Of course there was war in Laos as well. Let's not forget Nixon's Mafia ties. Kissinger is still being trotted around as if he has anything worth saying or hearing. He's the one who said that just because people are starving is no reason to feed them. He loved playing Empire. Whole peoples were chess pieces to be lied to and threatened and to be beaten as an example to the world, to throw the fear into them.

Point: George H. W. Bush was also a huge liar as well. We all need to remember the incubator story he told to the world that was made up by a public relations firm: Hill and Knowlton. George H. W. was in the CIA when he claimed he had never been. There are strong reasons to believe he was deeply involved in CIA activities very closely tied to "the whole Bay of Pigs thing" as Nixon called it, which was his coded way of referring to the assassination of JFK and the coup to take over the Presidency to rev up the war machine for profits for the corporations and biggest shareholders. He was deeply involved in the disastrous Central American policies and practices of the Reagan administration. He pardoned a bunch of crooks. He slaughtered many innocent Panamanians. The list goes on and on. He sat on his hands after the Berlin Wall came down. He lacked "the vision thing."

Of course, whole books have been written on each of these areas. Suffice it to say that while George McGovern's heart is definitely closer to being in the right place than are the hearts of any of the people mentioned above, he still doesn't get it even though he used the expression, "the false prophets who have led us astray." That expression is as if he's been reading this site.

He needs to be consistent. The false prophets lead into war, period. They lead into greed and selfishness and competition and scarcity and pollution and all the rest of the bad. We need to come out of all of that.

Thank to, "McGovern's Impeach Cheney and Bush Op-Ed makes it into the Washington Post," by John Amato. Crooks and Liars. January 6th, 2008. That's were we found the link to the Washington Post op-ed.

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