It's an old joke. "When did you stop beating your wife?" So, when did Iran stop arming the Sunni militia blowing up Iran's fellow Shiites in Iraq? That's how stupid the Bush administration and the U.S. military think everyone is who reads that Iran isn't arming their enemies against their friends anymore.

This is so dumb that it's flaunting raw power. They think they don't have to try very hard to cover what they're doing, since they have all the so-called intelligent people afraid to speak out. After all, everyone in the Bush administration and the military knows that only an idiot is going to tell it like it is, because only an idiot isn't going to be self-centered enough to keep his or her mouth shut so he or she won't be cut off from the hand that feeds (the powers that be and not God). Wrong!

We have one, Col. Boylan, a spokesperson for General David Petraeus in Iraq, saying at the beginning of this year that the Iranians are no longer supplying the Iraqis with weapons or material.

"We are ready to confirm the excellence of the senior Iranian leadership in their pledge to stop the funding, training, equipment and resourcing of the militia special groups. We have seen a downward trend in the signature-type attacks using weapons provided by Iran."

This is just an aspect of the same strategy used with the NIE on Iran. Has Iran admitted to having ever supplied "militia special groups" in Iraq? Remember, the U.S. military was saying before that Iran was supplying Sunnis fighting against Shiites. Iran is a Shiite nation. Would they arm Sunnis killing Shiites just because the U.S. would kill its "friends"?

Frankly, we all know that the U.S. conducts false-flag operations. We all know that the U.S. has armed many groups in Iraq via "missing" weapons. We know it has funded many groups via billions in untraceable cash. We know that the U.S. is training and providing intelligence to opposing forces all to increase chaos to divide and conquer.

Bush has to back away from bombing Iran. He has to do it on false evidence against Iran dished out by the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence. He has to do that for the sake of Republican Party survival, for unless he were prepared to go all the way to declaring himself dictator, which is not going to be approved by the global plutocrats (he's not clever enough), attacking Iran with no evidence would destroy his party. He's been given his orders by the real deciders — Do as we say, or we'll cut off the money and maybe more than that.

Tom Usher

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