Wake up. Media consolidation is showing itself by its fruits. You shall know them by what they do and their collective results. The corporations own and run the U.S. and whole world. The plutocrats own and run the corporations. The devil owns and runs the plutocrats. Evil is the false-hearted god of this temporal, material, secular world.

Just when some candidates are dropping out of the U.S. presidential primary race and various voters will be choosing amongst the remaining field, the various huge media companies that control the largest television networks are refusing to allow the voices of those with whom they don't agree to be parties to the so-called debates those networks are sponsoring. We saw this with Ron Paul and FOX and Dennis Kucinich and ABC. Now we are seeing some more of it with Dennis Kucinich and NBC ("Updated: NBC Rewrites its Own Rules to Prevent America from Hearing Kucinich," by Joshua Holland. AlterNet. January 11, 2008).

Kucinich was invited by NBC since he had satisfied the so-called rules. Then the rules were retroactively altered to disqualify him. Will the other candidates boycott the fake NBC debate? No. Why not? They've always wanted Dennis out. Hillary Clinton was overheard discussing it with John Edwards at the very beginning of the debate season. She is no real liberal and neither is John Edwards. Now they are getting their way that is consistent with what the plutocrats want.

The major networks are owned by conglomerates that have interlocking directorates with many of the largest military contractors in the world. Both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are the loudest anti-war voices in the field of contestants. Therefore, those corporations receive it from on high, the top executives, who hear it from on high, the top shareholders and financiers that Ron and Dennis are not to be allowed to continue to be heard by the public.

Now understand here that many people in America don't pay close attention to political debates until closer to the time of the primary in their own state. Iowa and New Hampshire may have heard Ron and Dennis, but many other voters in the nation have not yet heard them. Of course, the plutocrats running the show from behind the curtain know this full well. The executives know it too and really don't even have to be told to marginalize Ron and Dennis. They wouldn't have reached their positions for the most part unless they had long ago brownnosed their way to the top CEO slots. Even the more recently form companies by Young Turks that have undergone phenomenal growth and may have some stickiness all end up bowing the knee or suffering the slings and arrows of the collective might of the sycophantic, devil worshipping military-industrial complex that definitely includes the major media corporations.

So we ask what democracy?

We see all the election fraud with voter caging, phone-bank blocking, electronic voting machine rigging, and other dirty tricks all hiding behind plausible deniability, really implausible. The exit polling just was never so far off and should have been getting better, not worse. Now the media giants don't even do it anymore. They've been told to stop from the higher ups — those same plutocrats (or rather their hired so-call intellectuals who are nothing more than master-mind criminals). Why partake?

The system is inherently corrupt. Look at the so-called Christians who convinced so many to change from being outside of that system to becoming every bit that system. Look at the group that called itself the Moral Majority. Jerry Falwell and his ilk caused tens of millions to become highly active in the secular, worldly system when Jesus would have nothing to do with it and he wants his Church to bring forth the only real alternative. Look, the worldly leaders (the plutocrats behind the scenes) want the people to be struggling within the system that those plutocrats completely control. It keeps the people right where they are most manipulable. What they don't want is for people to gather outside the system to effectuate peaceful change simply by doing it. That's why at the same time they are saying to everyone to register and to vote, they are limiting the phony debates to their hand picked phony contenders and also having their dirty-trick artists rig everything left and right. It's right there in front of your face. Just open your eyes to actually see what you should be looking at.

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