The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that torture is a "foreseeable consequence" of military detention and that the people being held in the Guantanamo military prison are not people under the Constitution. People aren't people according to some U.S. Appeals Court judges and torture by Nazis is to be expected, so it must be okay. ("Guantanamo detainees are not human beings - US judges." Presscue. January 11, 2008.)

Is the United States a Nazi nation? Are we living in Nazi America? We have some Nazi Appeals court judges, obviously. When did the Nazis take over exactly? Well, when were the anti-Nazis really ever in charge? Wasn't it all just false propaganda? It was all just a smoke screen while the U.S. competed for Empire?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which the United States is signatory and hence bound under its own Constitution, is the highest mundane expression of the secular law regarding all international dealings. The prisoners at Guantanamo are covered by that declaration. They are innocent until proven guilty. They have human rights that have been and are still being violated by criminals.

Furthermore, the Court ruled that "the type of conduct the defendants were employed to engage in....The alleged tortious conduct was incidental to the defendants' legitimate employment duties." Therefore, the Court ruled that the defendants should have first exhausted administrative-complaint procedures against the Pentagon rather than going directly at them with tort claims. ("Detainees barred from challenging torture, abuse," by Lyle Denniston. SCOTUSblog. January 11th, 2008.)

"...tortious conduct was incidental to the defendants' legitimate employment duties" means that the court here is saying that torture is a legitimate duty. Now that's just twisting the law to cover the sadists, especially those higher up who authorized the illegality. Everyone knew before the evil neocon, Federalist Society, perverts came into power that torture was illegal. No CIA agent didn't know that. Too bad for them that they went ahead and violated the law anyway thinking that the executive would cover them. Sure, George W. Bush will pardon anyone and everyone who followed his orders. If the legislature doesn't proceed with impeachment while he's in office, it will become too late to stop him from doing just that. That's exactly what the two Parties (Republican and Democrat) want.

Tom Usher

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